ONE OK ROCK: Set List: 2017 North American Ambitions Tour, New York City, 2017-01-15

Full review forthcoming.

Here’s what the boys played for us last night in NYC

  1. Taking Off (from Ambitions 日本 version)
  2. Take Me To the Top
  3. Cry Out
  4. Deeper Deeper
  5. Clock Strikes
  6. Decision
  7. Hard To Love (from Ambitions US version)
  8. Instrumental (a variation of the one in the 2014 Mighty Long Fall Live at Yokohama Stadium DVD/BluRay)
  9. Bedroom Warfare (from Ambitions 日本 version)
  10. The Beginning
  11. I Was King (from Ambitions 日本 version)
  12. Take What You Want (from Ambitions US version)
  13. We Are (from Ambitions 日本 version)
  14. Mighty Long Fall


  1. American Girls (from Ambitions US version)

Taken from my scribbled notes (it’s hard to write in the dark) and occasionally faulty memory.

Not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but everything they played was great.

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