The hits just keep on comin’!

When I got home tonight, there’s a letter from the Office of the Mayor. Huh? The letter inside reads,

Dear Bruce:

It is my distinct pleasure to share that you have been selected as the recipient of the Meritorious Service Award as part of the 2016 City Employee Recognition Program. You were nominated for the prestigious award and a review committee selected you from among a number of impressive nominees.

It goes on about the ceremony and all that. (Light refreshments will be served!) It concludes,

On behalf of all your colleagues at the City and the residents of Rochester, we thank you for your exemplary service.

And it’s signed by the Mayor with actual ink.

It’s had to have come from my time with the Public Library, since I’m still in my probationary period with the Bureau of Parking. (Which, BTW, officially makes me a bureaucrat.)

I have to make an appointment with the city photographer. Apparently there’s a thing being prepared for the web site.

I’m still tracking down who might have nominated me.

Wow. I sure have come a long way…

Crap! I’ll have to wear a tie that day! And maybe pants other than jeans.

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