Wintering well — Part II

We seem to be getting all of our winter in one week. No sooner did we warm up from the weekend’s cold snap, then we get over two feet of snow.

I’m grateful that due to the city keeping the libraries closed, a full larder here at home, and not having family or other obligations, I can stay home inside and watch the rest of the city deal with it.

It didn’t look that way this morning. As of 7:30, the library announced we’d open late. Looking outdoors, I knew there was no way I was getting to work by bike. I’ll admit that at first—selfishly—I thought of how that would end this streak of consecutive workdays bike commuting.

Then I got on the transit company’s web site. That looked worse than what I saw out my window. The real-time bus tracking showed “No service” for the route that goes to my branch. News reports said that a dozen buses were stuck, mainly in the southwest, where my branch is located.

Meanwhile, the snow continued at over two inches an hour according to other news reports. I went downstairs and started two loads of laundry.

Just before 10am, the Director tweeted she was asking the city for permission to keep the libraries closed for the day. Just after 10am, she tweeted that we would be closed. Emails and phone tree calls followed.

After doing the happy dance around the apartment, I ironed and put away the laundry. Then I ate a late breakfast and did lots of Really Important Things. Erm, I mean, I took a nap.

The snow stopped around 6pm. The digging out begins.

I’m already thinking about the commute tomorrow. I know that side streets are out of the question. I’m concerned that the main roads may not have the snowbanks plowed back far enough.

But that’s a worry for tomorrow. Tonight, there’s dinner to be eaten and books to be read and snow to be looked at through the window.

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