Who knew?

Once upon a time, I slaved over every detail of my web site. I sweated through the learning curve, honed my XHTML and CSS skills and all the technical details, and I obsessed over my logs.

Those are the pre-WordPress years, which exist now only on a CD in a drawer and maybe one of the Internet archive sites.

These days, I’ll go months between postings, and years between glances at the site logs and stats.

Recently, I was doing some fact-checking for a letter I was writing. Yes, I’m hopelessly old-school. I still write letters. On paper. Mailed in envelopes from the post office. Quaint, no?

Bear in mind too that I’ve had e-mail since 1982, currently have a half-dozen active addresses and am a regular poster on a half-dozen forums. And I tweet. So it’s not all 19th century around here. There’s a foot in the 21st too.

Anyway, I was searching for a set list from ONE OK ROCK’s show at the Saitama Super Arena last July. Imagine the shock when I found my own review of ONE OK ROCK’s show in NYC was #4 in the list. The article references the Saitama show and includes a set list.

Now, of course, so does the previous paragraph, so this piece is likely to show up in the same search someday. Apologies to the future for the confusion.

In any event, I just shrugged, said, “Huh”, and went on about my day.

Then, earlier this week, @jilansy retweeted the album review I wrote for SPYAIR’s “4”. Jeepers. I wrote that months ago.

This time I dove into the site stats to see what the heck was going on. Turns out, those two reviews are the number 2 and 3 top-viewed articles of all time on the site. (Not bad for 18 years of history.) Apparently, I’m an authority. Who knew?

So I’m beginning work on two new reviews. Both are live performance discs from the same weekend, August 8-9, 2015. SPYAIR’s Just Like This 2015 Live at Fuji-Q Highland, and flumpool’s For Roots — Osaka Fields Forever.

Don’t hold your breath. You’ll turn blue long before I actually get these things posted, if ever. But since I now know that people actually read the stuff I write, there’s a certain incentive.

And a certain pressure. I don’t write well under pressure, which is why I’ve politely declined all offers to do so.

We’ll see.

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