I went to NYC this weekend for the New York date of ONE OK ROCK’s 35xxxv Tour. Just me and 1,999 other equally rabid OOR fans in attendance. It was a wonderful show—everything I’d hoped for.

Look for a full review in the coming days after I catch up on my sleep and transcribe my notes. Meanwhile, here’s the photo of yrs trly with the band before the show.

Ryota (bass), Tomoya (drums), yrs trly (fan), Taka (vocal), Toru (guitar)

Afterwards, 250 of us got to stick around for an autograph session. Scans coming after work tomorrow. I got all four autographs on both my copies of 35xxxv—the “Red” Japanese edition and the “Black” US release.


  • The band’s energy is so much greater in person than what you see in videos.
  • I’ve panned the song Paper Planes here before. The band has reworked it hugely and the arrangement they played as the second song of a three-song encore Saturday night was one of the highlights of the show. Search for a fan cellphone vid on youtube. The sound quality isn’t anything to write home about, but you’ll see how the song is transformed with a powerfully funky bass and drum line, and a minimal guitar line from Toru.
  • I still can’t figure out how Tomoya does it with only two arms and two legs.
  • Taka’s t-shirt read, “I must be the shit because I’m surrounded by assholes.” Loved it.