ONE OK ROCK autographs

After the VIP photo session with ONE OK ROCK last weekend, but still before the show, (and before ordinary ticketholders were admitted), I visited the goods counter. I bought a tour t-shirt and wristband, and saw a little note on the table.

“The first 250 people who buy the album get to stay in the hall for an autograph session after the show.”

$14 retail, $12 at the show with autographs too? Sign me up! And I was going to buy the “black” US version of the album anyway…

After the show when autograph time came around, I slid both my albums on to the table in front of Taka. He just kept signing along. Only Tomoya seemed to notice. He looked up at me, and I just shrugged. He grinned back.

On the cover of the “Red” Japanese First Press Limited Edition of the album, clockwise from about 11 o’clock: Tomoya, Toru, Taka, Ryota, and Toru again from the Pittsburgh show.
  On the lyric sheet from the “Black” US/International edition, left to right: Tomoya, Toru, Ryota, Taka

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