Finding myself

With all the cameras and cellphones at the ONE OK ROCK gig in NYC last weekend, it was only a matter of time before I found myself. SMtube, the Youtube Browser for SMplayer makes it a little easier. Plus, (hint, hint) it’s easily modified to become a front-end for youtube-dl, the Youtube downloader.

Video stills, clicky to embiggen.
From across the room for context.
  Look! It’s my right hand!
  I had my turn with this view too.

The second-last song of the main set was The Beginning. While performing it, Taka jumped off the stage, crossed the security and photographer’s pit, then hopped up on the rail RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME

He jumped off the stage after the line, So where do I begin? and was on the rail and ready for the line, Nigirishimeta ushinawanu youni to, then performed from there for the rest of the song.

The top photo was taken from across the room, but gives a little context for the next two. This is where Taka was singing from, balanced on the rail, supported in back by security, and in front by holding the hands of fans.

The fan cellphone vid the still is taken from has absolutely horrible audio. It’s really better with the sound turned off. But you take what you can get. Look for Taka jumping off the stage at about 3:20 in this vid.

For a different view with better audio, try this vid.

The second and third stills are taken from this vid which apparently was shot by the chick standing next to me.

The upper one has my right hand in it. You’ll recognize my red RoadID bracelet.

The bottom photo shows how Taka sang directly to each of us. This is her viewpoint. When he swung around to me, my view was similar. When he was singing to me, I belted it right back too!

Finally, the band likes to take a group shot with the audience after the show. This is the official photo taken by the band’s photographer.  I’m in it!

Back home In Real Life, people have been amazed that I’d spend $150 for a photo with the band, the opportunity to stand around for three hours waiting for the show to start, then being battered around and ground up by the crush of the crowd.

This is why.

And I’d do it all over again.