It’s here!

ONE OK ROCK’s 35xxxv US Edition is here, in my hands.

Apparently it arrived on Friday. Darn my 4-day workweek! I ordered it for the library. We get new releases early, so that they can be labeled and cataloged in time to be put out on the release date.

And it’s here!

Over the next couple of days I’ll be working on a “Red vs. Black” review and comparison between the Japanese edition and the US one, to help you decide which to buy. I’m aiming to publish on Thursday night Eastern time, Friday morning Japan time.

I listened to most of the album at my desk in back today while I prepared the album and this week’s new DVD releases for circulation.

My first impression is that it sounds better than the Japanese edition. It’s been remastered. But it’s really weird to hear the new verses in English. In a couple of songs the pacing has had to change to accommodate the new lyrics—new segments spliced-in, or suddenly the syllables are stretched out. Having learned all the lyrics to the red one it’s a bit jarring to suddenly be singing something different than Taka, then having to wait for him to catch up before the next verse or the chorus.

Wait for the “Red vs. Black” review later in the week.