Look Ma! I’m a parade float!

UPDATED with more photos, Friday June 19

Today was my first outing with our shiny new Books by Bike bicycle bookmobile trailer. My co-workers broke it in, today was my turn.

It was the 50th Annual 19th Ward Community Association Square Fair. My library is in the heart of Rochester’s 19th Ward. So we even get to be in the parade!

Click ‘em to embiggen.

Books by Bike bicycle bookmobile trailer leaving for the parade
Leaving work for the gruelling 3/4-mile ride to the start of the parade.

Books by Bike bicycle bookmobile trailer in the parade
Trying to stay upright and clipped-in at 2 MPH is harder work than you’d think. Especially when towing a library.

Books by Bike bicycle bookmobile trailer in the parade

Books by Bike bicycle bookmobile trailer at Square Fair
Whew! Made it to Aberdeen Square Park! Got Library Card?

Books by Bike bicycle bookmobile trailer at Square Fair
The Books by Bike trailer makes a nice kickstand to hold up Mr. Portland. What? You think I’d spend all day standing around in clipless shoes? What was in my panniers? Sneakers!

The Books by Bike bicycle bookmobile trailer is the newest addition to our outreach program.

Its foundation is the 64” cargo/utility trailer from BikesAtWork.com.

Our facilities department built the cabinet base. It holds two of our standard book totes and our EZ-Up tent.

Our graphics department ginned up the signage.

The wire book racks are stock library catalog fixtures. We wove in bungees to hold the display books while travelling, and to keep flyers from flying away when set up.

The yellow drawer in back stores our iPad and MiFi wireless hotspot. We can issue library cards and check-out books on-the-spot, although a street fair isn’t a good venue for that, so we gave away candy and information about summer programs for kids instead.

Not shown: There’s a decorative blue LED rope light ringing the cabinet just under the top. Solar panels will be added next week to charge the battery.

My boss relieved me at mid-afternoon, hitching up his bike. He got to pull it back to the library this evening.

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  1. Dale Van Ocker -RBC Newsletter Editor Says:

    Thank you for your permission to use your photos and captions as an RBC Newsletter article!

    I am looking forward to using more of your website content along the way!