Draft Report Published: Rochester Bicycle Master Plan

In advance of the public meeting this coming Monday, the City has published the draft of the Rochester Bicycle Master Plan.

You can download the plan and the appendices from the Rochester Bicycle Master Plan web page, or from these links:

Rochester Bicycle Master Plan logoI’ve skimmed it briefly, and in general it meets my approval. It’s long on concept and short on specifics, but in this economic climate, it’s tough put a lot of specifics into a plan.

The map on page 47 (page 54 of the PDF) shows the main results. Arranged in four tiers, streets are prioritized for improvements. Details are in the appendices.

I’m pleased with the choices of peer cites cited in the report. Boulder, CO; Montreal, PQ; Minneapolis, MN and Madison, WI are all cold-weather cities with snow. And they all have better cycling facilities than R-Town.

Photos are used liberally in the report. I can identify every photo from our city, and have ridden and lived in most of the areas shown. There’s even a photo of a winter rider cycling through the snow on University Ave, about a quarter-mile from where I live.

More fun was finding quotes from my input sprinkled throughout the report.

Over the weekend I’ll have a chance to thoroughly digest the report before the public meeting on Monday. I hope you can do the same, and I hope to see you at the meeting.

  • Monday December 13, at 6pm
  • in the Kate Gleason Auditorium in the Central Branch Library’s Bausch & Lomb building (the new one)
  • 116 South Ave, between East Broad and Court Streets. [ map ]
  • Bike parking is out front on the South Ave side, or use the parking meters on the Broad St side.
  • Cars can park on-street for free after 5pm, or in the Court St or South Ave parking garages.

One Response to “Draft Report Published: Rochester Bicycle Master Plan”

  1. Bruce G Says:

    One of the more bike friendly bridges I have even heard of is the Washington Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis. You can find it in wikipedia, but a better site is http://www.johnweeks.com/bridges/pages/ms14.html .

    This bridge bridges the West Bank and East Bank parts of the University of Minnesota campus. I rode my bike over it many times and walked it many times (kind of a long walk for between classes, and the center enclosure was “better than nothing” in the Winter). Yes, Winter is capitalized in Minnesota! Great bridge, it should be copied.