Rest day

It was really hard, staying indoors and off the bikes today. The first brush of 40° on a sunny day sure was tempting, but I needed a rest. Badly.

The new commute to the Arnett Branch is about twice the distance as the the ride to Sully Branch, and three times the distance as the ride to Winton Branch.

Plus the weather broke this week and I just couldn’t keep from riding as fast as I can. I think the Portland was actually gamboling a few times this week after I took off its snow tires. It was as happy as I was to be done with the clodhoppers.

Then yesterday, I took Blue Steel out for a spin in the afternoon. A stinkin’ little 15-miler wore me out. And my legs were hurting. I just can’t seem to get away from the need for a rest day once a week. Still, it was a nice ride, and the first of the year with my three-season shoes.

Oh, I stopped and had Blue Steel weighed. Including fender, lights, battery packs, mirror, and cyclometer, its a shade over 21 pounds. More than I thought, but still six pounds less than the other bikes. It feels even lighter than that.

In any event, today I stayed home, rested, looked out the window, napped a lot, and cooked.

It occurred to me that the way I make pot roast takes right about the same amount of time as it does to bake bread, what with all the mixing, kneading, and rising and all. And chocolate-chip cookies might be nice for dessert.

So after my afternoon nap (yes, there was a morning one too) I started the pot roast, made the bread and then put the cookies in when I took the bread out. Timing would have been perfect if I was serving dinner, but eating it, well those last few minutes were up and down, back and forth from the plate to the oven.

Still, a nice hot loaf of homemade whole wheat bread was just the perfect thing to soak up the gravy from the pot roast and vegetables. I think I’ve finally nailed the bread recipe. It took more tries and experience than I expected it to. I couldn’t find a whole wheat recipe I really liked, so I had to experiment and make my own.

On the other side, while the cookies are certainly tasty, they spread and ran all over the cookie sheet. I caught the first sheet just as they started dripping off the side. They look like one of Dali’s melted clock paintings. I’m not sure what I did, but I was tired by then, so it could have been anything.

Meanwhile, by the time everything was done, I no longer had an appetite. I had half my usual portion of pot roast and veg, two slices of bread, and I’ve had only one of the two dozen cookies.

It’s supposed to get into the 40s Sunday. It’ll still be windy, though. The plan is for a leisurely morning and maybe some light housework. In the early afternoon I’ll take Blue Steel out for some serious hill work.

I’d sort of like to ride it on the club’s first ride of the season next weekend. That route crosses the Irondequoit Creek ravine twice using Browncroft Blvd. Every year it’s tough for me with a triple. Now I want to try it with a standard double.

But first, I’ll do some repeats of Rich’s Dugway tomorrow. The climb on the Dugway isn’t quite as steep as Browncroft’s westbound side, nor quite as long as Browncroft’s eastbound side. But it’s fairly private. The only traffic is from the residents. It’ll be nice in case I have to walk.

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