Baby gots new shoes

I picked up my order from Ribble Cycles UK yesterday. On the forums there have been several raves recently about the pricing and service from Ribble.

I’m a little tapped right now, so saving a few bucks seemed like a good idea. The prices were amazing. I could barely contain myself. Much of it has to do with currency differences, part of it is that some parts are OEM unboxed components. The rest? Who knows, but the selection, service and shipping seem as good as the prices, so for now, they’re my online parts and accessories supplier.

They ship via Royal Mail Global Priority, which translates to US Postal Service Express Mail. I wasn’t home on Saturday when the mailman tried to deliver it. So I went to the post office yesterday morning.

After work last night we got down to business. Blue Steel got a set of Continental Grand-Prix 4-Season tires in 25mm, a shiny new set of Shimano A-520 Road/Touring SPD pedals and a sparkly new 9-speed 12-23 cassette.

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The smaller tires are the same size as I run on Yellow Bike, which allow just the smidge of room I needed in the brakes for the mounting hardware for the Portland’s factory quick-release fenderettes. Actually, only the rear one is mounted. The front one rubbed the tire, but while there was room in the brake, I couldn’t move the bracket up higher because the mounting tab intersected the headset. If I had a bench grinder, a few minutes with that would fix it, but I don’t.

Besides, I don’t intend to run fenders on Blue Steel a lot. I just want to get through snowmelt season with them. This weekend looks like it may be nice enough to get some good rides in. Tires made for the wet and a rear fender will get us through all the snowmelt we can find.

The Portland got a set of the Grand-Prix 4-Season tires in 28mm. I like the ride on 28mm tires, and the Portland has plenty of space for them. It also got a new RD. The cage got twisted a year ago parking in a snowbank, so the shifting has been off. Not far enough off to justify local or even US online pricing, but Ribble made it cheap enough.

The Portland will get its new parts later in the month when it’s time to take the snow tires off for the season.

Yellow Bike was not left out. Ribble had the impossible-to-find 13-23 8-speed cassette I like to run on Yellow Bike. The current one isn’t worn out yet, but I’ve been concerned I wouldn’t ever find another one. Now we have a spare.

Meanwhile, I feel a dose of spring fever coming on.

Oh, and the first day on the new job went well yesterday. Today will be the first three-legged commute with Presbytery in the morning and the library in the afternoon. I have to work a little more on a a wintertime route for that, so I’m off to Google Maps.

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