Yellow Bike Votes

We are at the beginning of a glorious Indian Summer week. While overcast, yesterday warmed up to the 60s by evening. The clouds moved out by mid-morning today and we had beautiful sunny, wind-free, 70° day for the election. Tomorrow and Thursday are to be similar, with clouds moving in Friday afternoon.

We’re getting to the time of year when the Portland gets all the miles. After all, it’s equipped for foul weather and we get plenty of it. This week is Yellow Bike’s turn to shine. Besides, I rode the Portland to the polls last year.

Today, I was ready for it. Yellow Bike is frisky as a puppy and it always wants to run and play. Sunday its motor was not quite up to it, (although our numbers were respectable) but today, the motor was ready to run too.

BikeJournal is down right now, so I can’t verify, but I think we set a new best time for the medium route to Presbytery (Park, Culver, through Cobbs Hill Park and out Winton).

I know we set a new best time for the long loop home—despite slowing through a knot of kids on bikes nearing home, and having to stop to vote, and stopping to give directions to a guy looking for where we vote. Had those things not intervened, we would have shattered the previous record.

I know better than to expect this sort of performance two days in a row. But part of me is hoping for some nice numbers on the long loop to work tomorrow.

Yellow Bike outside our polling place


The Democrat & Chronicle accepted the above photo for their Election Day Gallery.

Oh, and as for riding the long loop to work on Wednesday, Yellow Bike and I set a new best for the 20.03 mile route—1:06:26 for an average of 18.1 MPH. Better yet, although I was working it (average heart rate was 154, max was 168) it still felt easy.

And don’t get the impression that I think I’m all that. A 50+ or 60+ guy commuting with a backpack on a Bianchi Veloce blew by me on the Canalway.

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