I met my 2008 mileage goal this afternoon on a nice, nice, 37-mile ride along the lake shore. My goal of 4,750 miles is now 23 miles behind me.

Of those miles,

  • 4,012.2 (84%) were ridden on the Portland, and
  • 760.6 (16%) have passed under Yellow Bike’s wheels.

On to the challenge goal of 5,200 miles. With 59 days left in the year, I need to average 7.24 miles per day to achieve that. That’s less than half of my average miles per day to date. But winter is coming. Last December I averaged only 8.17 miles per day.

In other standings at, I’m

  • 697 of 7,880 (8.8%) all riders
  • 247 of 1,842 (13.4%) all riders age 50–59
  • 217 of 1,465 (14.8%) all male riders age 50–59
  • 15 of 209 (7.2%) all NYS riders
  • 9 of 50 (18%) all NYS riders age 50–59
  • 9 of 38 (23.7%) male NYS riders age 50–59
  • 5 of 79 (6.3%) on the Commuter Cycling Century with 178 days commuting to date. Not bad when you figure I generally work only four days a week. And lest you think that’s amazing given Rochester winters, I’m only one day ahead of Commutergrrl, who lives in Calgary, Alberta (That’s Canada, eh?)
  • 1 of 24 in the Car-Free Week Challenge with 31 of 44 weeks to date (70%) car-free.

Today’s ride

I was all conflicted about where to ride today. I’d originally wanted to join the club on the 45-mile ride #149, Mendon-Honeoye. But I just didn’t feel up to 70 miles (including the out-and-back to the ride start) in 45°. And I’d arrive home after dark.

I thought about riding to Mendon Ponds Park and back, but I wanted more than 25 miles. I could have added miles on the bike path, but I ride that all the time.

A ride to and along the lake sounded nice, and the winds were favorable (according to the liars at The Hyperbole Channel™) I have a loop that’s a little under 30 miles that I ride. Then I remembered. The Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge was swung shut on Friday, trapping boats in the bay, but allowing vehicular traffic to circumnavigate the bay for the next six months.

So I hopped on Yellow Bike, headed north, then east on Empire Blvd through Webster, down Bay Road and round on Lake Road across the outlet bridge. Then I joined up with my regular lake shore loop where it intersects Culver Road and the Lakeshore Bike Path.

We put in just shy of 37 miles in just over two hours of ride time, averaging just over 17 MPH, which amazed me, given the near constant headwinds and 2,100 feet of climbing.

It was a near perfect ride and it got me all sorted out for a few more days.

I had been a little concerned about clothing too. I find it toughest to outfit myself when the temps are in the 40s. I’m usually over or under-dressed. Today I nailed it.

I had stopped at Full Moon Vista on Thursday to buy yet another pair of windproof bib tights. These are a mid-weight pair made by Sugoi. The Enduras are nice, but I’m finding them too hot in temperatures over 35 or so.

The Sugoi windfront bib tights over my Pearl Izumi shorts kept my legs just right. Booties over the shoes, and my favorite Cannondale Windfront gloves did it for hands and feet. On top I wore armwarmers, a lightweight long-sleeve wicking T, and one of my commuting jerseys. A summer weight cycling skullcap completed the ensemble. I was just right for most of the ride, and was a little warm or a little cool in equal amounts for the rest.

In contrast with last Thursday…

Last Thursday I was too warm while I ran errands, which explains the stop at Full Moon Vista for lighter tights.

It was a sunny day and errands require pockets, so I wore my ANSI Class-3 windbreaker from Somewhere along the line I forgot the zip the pocket shut. And somewhere along the line, my Ti-framed tri-focals fell out. I backtracked and searched my route twice before I had to go to work. Never found them.

The week ahead

So tomorrow, instead of putting in some easy miles on a 60° day, I’ll be at the eye doc’s getting a new prescription. Then I’m subbing for for a co-worker who left Winton Branch. On Tuesday, on a sunny 65° day, I’ll be looking at new frames at One Hip Chic Optical. Oh, and I have to vote. Can’t forget about that.

Wednesday and Thursday I may get some nice rides in before going to work. Each day is forecast to be sunny and in the mid 60s. Friday a short riding day, what with a full day of work. And I’m looking forward to doing the long loop to work on Saturday. Maybe I’ll also do it again coming home.

We’ll see.

One Response to “Ggooooaaaalllll!”

  1. Alan Says:

    Wow. 4,750. That’s pretty amazing. I was doing really well until I had a wreck at the end of September that basically killed my October. Most of November was lost, as well. If I’m really lucky, I’ll squeeze another 337 miles into December and hit 4K. Great job, though! By now you must be pretty well into the 5,000s!