First Light/The Bikes

My new digicam arrived today. I bought a Kodak C875 based on this review at Digital Photography Review.

While I didn’t necessarily base my purchase decision on buying from the local yellow box (after all, the camera was made in China anyway), I decided that if I could find a camera in their line that had the features I was looking for and at least halfway-decent reviews, I’d buy it over another brand.

Click for the galleryThe C875 met all my criteria. The features I wanted are all there (basically I wanted to be able to manually set exposure and so on, oh, and I wanted a real glass lens). The review’s “pros” were all good things I’m sure I’ll find useful, and the “cons” are all things I can live with in a first camera.

Best of all, the price was right. $180 at

Naturally, the first subjects are The Bikes. Clicky on the image for the gallery.

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