Happily tinkering

Note to self: Either put down a drop cloth to catch the overspray, or don’t polish the bikes with Pedro’s Bike Lust indoors on the hardwood floors.

Yikes! I want studded socks for walking through the living room. Although I thought I was careful and I sprayed the cloth instead of the bikes, but I still got enough PBL on the floor to make it hazardous to move from one end of the room to another.

On the other hand, the coffee table has never looked so nice.

I’d picked up a bottle of Pedro’s Bike Lust on Saturday when I brought Yellow Bike home from Full Moon Vista Bike & Sport. I figured that as long as the frame was fully stripped-down, it would be a good time to apply a base coat of polish. And I could polish up each part as I installed it.

It had also been at least since Christmas (I think) since I’ve given Bike a proper bath. Sure, it gets hosed-down with the shower massage every time it comes in the apartment, but dirt, gunk and grease have a way of building up that water alone won’t wash away. I’m hoping that with a nice slippery coat of PBL, some of the crap will rinse away more easily.

So among other activities on Sunday, I cleaned and polished both bikes. Everything. Even all 128 spokes. The bikes look just great. Bike still looks pretty good after two showers after two days of riding in the slush, and one night of riding the TNUA. We’ll see how long that lasts.

The big news of the day was putting Yellow Bike back together. Or at least getting a start on it. There are several reasons why I couldn’t finish. Chief among them is that I have to take it back to Full Moon Vista. When that’s all resolved I’ll be able to tell the story.

Actually, except for the levers and cables, everything’s on it. Well, there’s the bar tape and cyclometer too. I’m hoping to take it back tomorrow and pick it up again on Saturday, then finish the job on Sunday. We’ll see.

2 Responses to “Happily tinkering”

  1. sportcrazy Says:

    Intrigue?! Interesting, hope it works out.

  2. brucew Says:

    I didn’t mean specifically to be intriguing. I’m holding off until I know which parts are my mistake and which parts are theirs.

    Plus, everyone makes mistakes, so what’s important is not that they were made, but rather, how they were handled.

    That said, one was real big one. Another was probably miscommunication and assumptions, and a third I really don’t know.

    In any event, it’s imposssible to finish the build-out until the matter is resolved. Parts are on order.