Researching Yellow Bike

As it turns out, Yellow Bike is a 2000 model and originally sold for $630.

I finally had success by Googling on the wheels of all things. The very first listing was for a review of the 2000 Trek 1000 Triple at Epinions. Not only did this match the description and the specs, but the picture is the same too. You can read all about it here.

And I copped a better photo of it from there too.

Yellow Bike as built by Trek in 2000

Given that it’s seven years old, it’s no wonder that all its wear parts are so worn out.


Yellow Bike is officially a basket case. I spent four hours tonight tearing it down and cleaning the frameset and wheelset. There’s still some detailing work to be done on them, and I need to get some Goo-Gone. Still, it’s a tremendous improvement.

The frame is hanging by its front wheel from a towel hook on the bathroom door. Everything else—new parts and old—are in boxes.

It’s likely to stay this way until have the bucks to take it in to be worked on. The bottom bracket isn’t quite as bad as I thought, but it needs work nonetheless. The headset is notchy and grinds a bit.

The rear brake caliper is going to need some major work or replacement. Even off the bike and with no cable attached, squeeze it together and it just stays that way. Very likely it’s the presence of corrosion combined with the absence of lubrication. The front dérailleur suffers the same problem.

Coupled with a lot of corrosion around the spoke nipples on only the rear wheel and I’d say Yellow Bike has spent quite a bit of time on the trainer. The corroded parts all fall within a pattern of sweat. And on a trainer, you wouldn’t use the front dérailleur or the brakes, so no wonder they’re stuck.

The worst job is going to be the bars. They had adhesive-backed bar tape on them. The adhesive stuck to the bars when I unwrapped the tape. What a mess. It’s going to take a lot of Goo-Gone and elbow grease to get them clean. Fortunately, I’d read about the horrors of adhesive-backed bar tape, and the stuff I ordered, isn’t.

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