Two outta three

I’m subbing a couple of shifts at work this week. One of the pages tonight was all excited at closing. He told me how he went out a bought lights for his bike. Since July his parents have dropped him off and picked him up. Suddenly, he’s a bike commuter. Blinkies and the works!

I had to stop for groceries on the way home, a little after nine. The parking lot was nearly empty. coming out of the store, there was another bike locked-up next to mine. Older Jamis, with a rack, trunk bag, lights and fenders. Nice U-lock too. Most bikes I see at the store are either POS X-Mart bikes, or bike ministry bikes, and if they’re locked, it’s with a cheap cable lock you could cut with a pair of pliers.

As I finished loading, a guy comes out. Middle-aged, middle-class guy like me. He put a small item in the trunk bag and we talked bikes for a minute. He asked me about my grocery panniers. He liked that they were cheap and seemed like a really good idea. I think he’s going to buy a set.

On the other hand, a group from the Sierra Club rented the meeting room tonight. From the little I caught, they were talking about reducing oil dependency. They all drove to the library.

I bring my bike out from the back just before closing and lean it against the circ desk at the end by the meeting room door. The only Sierra Clubber who noticed my bike, was a woman who wasn’t pleased she had to reach over it to get the bathroom key.