What would you say?

So CBC is coming into town for my party on Saturday. And I’m having an anxiety attack.

See, since I visited her last October, she’s lost weight, gotten new glasses, a new hairdo, new wardrobe and started the hormones. “I’m up to a 38C now,” she told me proudly the other day. “I can’t wait until you see them.”

First, I haven’t a clue as to how big 38C is. It sounds like it’s in the gazoongas range.

Second, um, well, as a gay man, I have no real appreciation for boobs. Give me a nice, flat, hard chest, and I’m a happy camper. I mean, in a hug, I want to feel some sternum, ya know?

Now, I know that guys aren’t really supposed to comment on a woman’s breasts to her. But, basically, CBC is coming here to, um, show me her tits. What do I say?

The only thing that comes to mind is, “Nice rack.”

3 Responses to “What would you say?”

  1. Von Says:

    Yep, “nice rack” will probably do. If copping a feel is appropriate, go at ‘em from the underside. “perky” would also be appropriate. And 38C is relatively normal sized. A little more than a handful.

  2. brucew Says:

    That’s reassuring. Both knowing the size and that I wouldn’t be out-of-line. Hadn’t thought about perky.

    And geeze, I hope I can avoid a feel. She’s like my sister, you know?

  3. Willie Says:

    Bruce, I emailed you, but I’m not sure you got my email…. I wont be able to make it, I would love to come but I can’t.