Rainy weekend in store

If it’s June in Rochester and the weather’s Aprilish, then the LPGA is in town. It’s been cold and damp since Tuesday. It’s forecast to be so until Sunday, when the damned golfers leave.

Whereas last week I was disappointed that the thunderstorms happened only when I was inside, (since it was so hot and sticky and I thought standing in a cloudburst would feel just marvy) this week, it rains only when I go outside.

Today for instance, it was dry until I decided to go to The Corner Store. Then, it was dry during my after lunch nap and while I got ready for work.

I no sooner stepped outside and began to rain. I was a couple of minutes late and the bus was a couple of minutes early, which meant I got to see it pull away from my stop. I walked to work in the rain.

Which stopped as soon as I got inside. And started again when I took my break.

Since the lawns have all greened-up and the sidewalks are covered with worms, I’ve decided to stay indoors for the weekend to give everything a chance to dry up.

I use my powers responsibly.

I have seven unfinished books on the table. Well, I haven’t started the seventh yet, but still, there’s a lot of reading to be done. I won’t get to it all.

Two I won’t finish are Max OS X: The Missing Manual by David Pogue. Got what I needed out of it and I know exactly where it sits on the shelf if I need it again.

Next is God’s Politics – Why the Right Gets it Wrong and Left Doesn’t Get It by Jim Wallis. The first few chapters were interesting and well worth checking the book out. Then it veers off into sermons. Thanks, but no thanks. I’m still recovering from the Left Behind series.

After having read Conumdrum by Jan Morris (formerly John Morris), CBC suggested I read True Selves – Understanding Transsexualism for Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals by Mildred L. Brown and Chloe Ann Rounsley. I’m actually further along in it that I thought I was. It’s helping a bit.

While cruising through the catalog, I thought I’d search by Dewey, 305.3, to see what else we had on the subject. I came across The Transsexual Empire – The Making of the She-Male by Janice G. Raymond. After the new introduction (second edition), which is little more than a whiney defense of of the book, it’s an interesting counterpoint to the other, more positive titles I’ve been reading.

I’m about halfway to chaper four, Sappho by Surgery: The transexually Constructed Lesbian-Feminist, which at least at first glance, seems to describe where CBC is heading.

Still, I don’t think I’ll ever get it. Accepting it is about as far as I think I’ll ever get. At least the books are a way around asking embarassing questions.

And as near as I can tell, you keep your prostate. Why on earth would someone go through all the trouble of hormones and genital surgery only to have to deal with problems peeing a couple of decades on? Well, at least she’ll be sitting down.

On the fiction side of things, I was looking for something a bit lighter, like a Victorian mystery series. I snagged a couple of Anne Perry’s books last week. The Inspector Monk series. Nearly done with one, the second one is the book I haven’t started yet.

This week two showed up on the “New books to look over before they go into circ” shelf in the work room. I immediately reserved both the new Michael Cunningham, (the title escapes me), which looks fer good from the flyleaf and quickly skimming through. Alas, I was not first in line for that one.

However, I came home tonight with Dance of Death, the new one by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I just love thrillers and it’s nice when you can jump right in with familiar characters.

Thirty pages flew by while I was making supper. I shall now return to it to see what sort of mess Detective D’Agosta finds and how he gets to the bottom of it.

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