It’s official

Almost forgot.

I am taking a vacation in Toronto to coincide with AA’s 2005 International Convention. With any luck, the stupid ferry will be running again by then.

I’ll be arriving a day early on Wednesday June 29 and staying through to Tuesday July 5.

Stalker alert: I’ll be staying at Dundonald House between Church St and Yonge St, a block from Wellesey.

7 Responses to “It’s official”

  1. Willie Says:

    well… I hope we can meet 😉

  2. brucew Says:

    Silly boy! Why do you think I’m coming early and staying a few days after? 😛

  3. Willie Says:


  4. Von Says:

    I’ll say it, then let it go: I’m jealous. There. I’m better. Mostly. Dangit.

  5. brucew Says:

    😉 @ Willie

  6. brucew Says:

    Oh Vonnie, you can stay with me. We’ll ride the ferry, get our hair done, do the convention, then enjoy some retail therapy. Oh, and the restaurants…

  7. Von Says:

    sigh Tease.