Profiled redux

I’m keeping up my .500 average at Auburn. I was “randomly” selected again today for the drug screening. Sgt P., who appears to do the seletion, doesn’t seem to remember me from one time to the next, but the CO who administers the scan remembers me now. I promised to see him again in September.

I was also profiled by Canadian Customs when I disembarked from the Fast Ferry on my birthday. Out of nearly 300 walk-on passengers, to the best of my knowledge I was the only one asked to step into the room to the side for more thorough questioning.

After hundreds of crossings to Canada since 1962, I now have my first visa stamp in my passport.

Since I have nothing to hide any more, I get a real kick out of being profiled, whether at the prison or at the border. Maybe in time it will wear thin, but for now its entertaining.

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